Health Systems
For health systems with a multitude of needs, AMS can service all your patient transportation scenarios. These include routine discharges, interfacility transports, and in-bound transports from other healthcare institutions. Further, AMS can serve as a full-scale outsourced EMS transfer coordinator through our 24/7 dispatch center to coordinate all EMS traffic in and out of service sites and coordinate other contracted agencies when needed.

Having a one-call solution for all EMS coordination ensures quality service, guaranteed compliance, and risk mitigation all leading to improved service experience for patients. Marketing and branding strategies can be extended to both our fleet and attendants to carry the brand all the way to the patient destination. Further, information systems can be integrated by our in-house developers to seamlessly work with existing health system infrastructure. Full GPS tracking, telematics, and CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) access will be fully available to ensure key performance indicators (KPIs) and service level agreements (SLAs) are being met. We work together with you on a full-scale strategic approach to grow and keep healthcare markets under the health system banner, ensuring customer acquisition and maintenance efforts are always at full performance. Risk sharing models to control non-resource needs can also be customized.

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